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Monday, November 12, 2012

MS CRM 2011: New 2011 Privileges & Access Levels

I've created a visual representation of what has been added to CRM 2011 security roles. This can be helpful during upgrade analysis, where you can decide what security roles have to be changed to match client’s requirements. Below priviliges and access levels are out of the box.

MS CRM 2011: Upgrade from 4.0 - Security Roles

Security Roles Removed from  CRM 4.0

Business Management
  • License
  • Organization Settings
  • Role
Business Management Miscellaneous
  • Assign Role
Service Management
  • My Work Hours
  • Attribute
  • Form
  • Workflow

Security Roles Added to CRM 2011

  • Application File
  • Connection
  • Connection Role
  • Document Location
  • Follow
  • Import Source File
  • Post
  • SharePoint Site
  • User Chart
  • User Dashboard
  • User Entity UI Settings
  • UserEntityInstanceData
  • Web Wizard
  • Web Wizard Access Privilege

Core Miscellaneous
  • Bulk Delete
  • Delete Audit Partitions
  • Manage User Synchronization Filters
  • Organization
  • View Audit History
  • View Audit Partitions
  • View Audit Summary

Marketing Miscellaneous
  • Configure Internet Marketing module
  • Use internet marketing module

Sales Miscellaneous
  • Override Opportunity Pricing
  • Override Quote Order Pricing

Business Management
  • Field Security Profile
  • Field Sharing
  • Goal
  • Goal Metric
  • Organization
  • Rollup Query
  • Security Role

Business Management Miscellaneous
  • Act on Behalf of Another User
  • Approve E-mail Address for Users or Queues
  • Assign manager for a user
  • Enable or Disable Business Unit
  • Enable or Disable User
  • Override Created on or Created by for
  • Perform in sync rollups on goals
  • Queues
  • Read License info
  • Records during Data Import
  • Reparent Business unit
  • Reparent team
  • Reparent user

Service Management
  • Create own calendar
  • Delete own calendar
  • Read own calendar

  • Attribute Map
  • Configuration
  • Customizations
  • Dialog Session
  • Entity Map
  • Field
  • Import Job
  • Option Set
  • Plug
  • Plug
  • Process
  • Publisher
  • Sdk Message
  • Sdk Message Processing Step
  • Sdk Message Processing Step Image
  • Sdk Message Processing Step Secure
  • Service Endpoint
  • Solution
  • System Chart
  • System Form
  • Web Resources

Thursday, November 8, 2012

MS CRM 4: Enable a disabled Root BU

Some things should never happen. Like following a saying  " Don't Cut The Branch On Which You Sit", you should never disable a Root Business Unit. Because if it happens, you cut yourself from the system. Disabling the root BU, will disable your security access.  Life is life, and your root BU is in an inactive mode. And then what? Well, if you are lucky, you might just restore the system from the most recent backup. But what if you don't have a recent backup or backup at all? Here is the solution:

Actions to troubleshoot:
1. Make a backup of your current database calling it "Date_Company_BeforeBaseUnitUpdate".
2. Run an update script for businesunitbase table to change isdisabled to 0 for a root unit and other units if required.

update businessunitbase

set isdisabled =  0

Where businessunitid = 'enter your business unit id'

3. Restart IIS.
Note: with a new windows run prompt as admin
Note: this action will kick all users out of the system
C:\Documents and Settings\company\iisreset
4. Restart Microsoft CRM Asynchronous Processing Service.

5. Make a backup of your database after change calling it "Date_Company_AfterBaseUnitUpdate".