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Monday, July 26, 2010

MS GP - How to post to a recent closed year?

1. Open (uncheck) a fiscal period.
Tools -> Setup -> Company -> Fiscal Periods

2. Check Allow Posting to History.
Tools -> Setup -> Financial -> General Ledger

3. Post a transaction. In a posting journal the entry will appear twice since it’s updating last year’s balances and this year’s beginning balances.

4. Close (check) a fiscal period.
Tools -> Setup -> Financial -> General Ledger

5. Uncheck Allow Posting to History
Tools -> Setup -> Company -> Fiscal Periods

Friday, July 16, 2010

MS GP - How to change decimal places for currency and quantity?

You can chance decimal places for a currency or quantity by going to Microsoft Dynamics GP -> Tools -> Utilities -> Inventory -> Change Decimal Places
Mark Change Currency Decimal Places, choose the amount of places and select your functional currency ID.
Or mark Change Quantity Decimal Places and choose how many decimal place you would like to have.
Enter ranges for items.
Click Process.


Change Currency Decimal Places will not affect items that exist on any transactions.
Change Quantity Decimal Places will clear the Unit of Measure schedule, price list and purchasing options.

Monday, July 12, 2010

MS GP - How to apply RM docs with differemt currency IDs?

Using multicurrency and applying docs in RM can be tricky, but here is the basic system functionality:
If the invoice currency ID is entered in an originating currency, the currency of a payment must be the same as the invoice currency or a functional currency. If the invoice is in the functional currency, a payment can be entered in any currency. If you have an invoice and a payment, both created in 2 separate originating currencies, you will not be able to apply these documents.