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Thursday, October 25, 2012

MS CRM 2011: Jscript Upgrade plan from v4

Since i'm going through a few upgrades, I will be sharing with you my wonderful experience. First, we will start with our beloved jscript, which should work until the next rollup upgrade, so it is better to invest some time now and fix it all, then spending sleepless nights later. What do you need to analyze a Jscript? You will need a one blond girl and a jscript expert. Preferably  thejscript expert, who has a knowledge of all customizations implemented as well as new features that can be replaced by old ones. Why a blond girl? Developers are also human beings, they need attention and a cup of coffee brought by a cute blond girl can cheer them up before such an important task as an upgrade. Here we go

Jscript Analysis Steps

1.       Export Jscript with a tool.

2.       Sort out JS by size and type to see the effort. JScripts that are on change are usually the shortest.

3.       Make a list of all jscript codes.

SW filtered lookup - replace w/ OOB; user role web svc call
Minor - account name validation
Yahoo Web svc call to populate City/State from Zip - Remove

4.       Verify that there are no unsupported customizations present.

5.       Identify what base xml or current customizations can be replaced by native CRM features

Pay attention to:

o    filtered lookups

o    field level security scripts 

o    forms with sub-grids

o    custom audit

6.       Create a list of unsupported customizations and plan to migrate your scripts from using crmForm to Xrm.Page.
You can read more about migration at

7.       Convertor jscripts, using the tool below.

Dev Upgrade JS Process

Remove jscript -> Upgrade Dev -> Bring back converted Jscript  -> Clean -> Test


-          Remove duplicated functions and use library to call one function at each entity.

After a trial upgrade test every entity.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

MS CRM: Where can you learn MS CRM for free?

It is not a secret that becoming a true CRM expert requires years of experience. But for any of your practical endeavors, you will need some  theoretical knowledge as well, so I'm going to share some links to videos / reading materials that will help you to build MS CRM knowledge for free.  The materials below will also be helpful for people who want to get familiar with MS CRM or get a knowledge refreshment.  

On Line Courses
Pluralsight offers a What is Dynamics CRM? course that you can take under a Trial Version. It is a good course that walks you through most important MS CRM 2011 features. On-line training includes slides and demos, and if you think its too slow for you, you can change a course speed and go through the course faster.

 You Tube
More and more consulting companies jump into media channels such as YouTube to educate their customers.  Thus Youtube is full of videos on MS CRM. Some videos are full, some are just demos, some are great quality, some homemade, but this is usually a good start for anyone looking for a visual experience.

Microsoft Resources

This website has a very high level well done videos on MS CRM as well as some deep dives on particular modules and features. Videos are short and sweet, so you will not get bored going through them.

MS CRM Community has very good dip dives videos on particular CRM features.



CRM Lady
David Yack and Julie Yack
There are multiple blogs out there to read and learn from. Good things about blogs, there are real authors behind them, which means, you can comment, ask questions and request additional explanations if needed. Use Gmail Reader to consolidate all your subscriptions in one place for an easy read.

Microsoft Resources

This library includes MS CRM 2011 Implementation Guide, Software Development Kit and technical articles. It is a good read for people implementing and customizing CRM.
MS CRM Community site contains a lot of information on CRM, you can browse blogs, forum, network and check other related communities.

You can use LinkedIn CRM Groups to stay updated on fast changing CRM world as well as jump into discussions on hot topics.

White Papers

Infinity Info Systems
If you want to learn real life examples of CRM implementations, you can search for CRM white appears and case studies. Software consulting companies usually post them on their websites .


Remember, you can start a 30 days full CRM on-line  trial to have a hands on experience. This Trial comes with lots of sample data, so you will have more room for different scenarios.
CRMUG made Microsoft Hands-on Labs available to you with no cost. These labs are great for going through product features and learning new tricks.