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Monday, June 27, 2011

New ERP Partner Service Plans

Microsoft is doing everything possible to improve partner’s efficiency. If previously they came up with partner certification rules, which reduced the amount of small inefficient partners, today they are focusing on improving the service area. To boost partner’s revenue and mitigate risk, Microsoft will be providing support plans based on a Business Revenue Recapture Rate results. BREP can be found at the Performance Metrics section at Voice. Microsoft is going to take partner’s Revenue Recapture Rate based on the time of contract renewal and calculat the amount of cases from there.

There will be two plan provided to a partner: Partner Advantage Plan and Partner Advantage Plus Plan. Partner Advantage Plus Plan will have more partner advisory, service account manager hours and extended support hours. With both plans partner will get 10 base support incidents. From there if BREP is 95% and above, partner will get 2 incidents per 20K, if it is in between 90% and 95%, partner will get 1 incident per 20K, and any partner with lower than 90% will not be eligible for support. Partners can improve BREP by renewing lapsed customers or deactivating customers that have gone out of business. Additional support cases can be purchased for 259$ per incident starting July. Until the end of this month any partner can purchase pack of cases using the old rate.

To provide superior services to customers, all support requests will be addressed based on the severity level, so partners can get support when they need it. This way partner can drive customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Convergence 2010 Hands-on Labs

Hand-on lab is an overview demo of some of the major features and functionalities as well as tips and tricks you can apply to your daily work life. At Convergence you can find them in the Lab section but after the event is over they don’t get published. No more tears for missed opportunity. I have found a list of hands-on labs at

Microsoft Dynamics GP - 10 Minute Overview
Microsoft Dynamics GP - Human Resources\Payroll
Microsoft Dynamics GP - Supply Chain Management
Microsoft Dynamics GP - Technology Overview (Platform Technology)
Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Office Excel Predictive Analysis
Microsoft Dynamics GP and SQL Reporting Services Gauge
Microsoft Dynamics GP - Workflow
Microsoft Dynamics GP - Electronic Signatures
Microsoft Dynamics GP - Disputed Invoice Management
Microsoft Dynamics GP - Request for Proposal
Microsoft Dynamics GP - Sales Manager Demo
Microsoft Dynamics GP - Sales Account Manager
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Integration with External Lists
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and Reporting Services - Part 1
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and Reporting Services - Part 3
Adding Drillback to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Application Windows in Excel Reports
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 – Printing Forms to Microsoft Word and Email
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Workflow

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Virtual Conference: Decisions Spring 2011

Decisions Spring 2011 is an independent conference about Microsoft Dynamics solutions organized by This live online venue is free to attendees and supported by our sponsors. We build this event upon our leading online news and product information resources to provide a conference experience that provides the latest perspectives on Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM, GP, and NAV.

Decisions Spring 2011 is simply the most focused and effective way to hear about real world Dynamics solutions and case studies and get practical guidance about the latest Microsoft Dynamics trends from the strategic and thought leaders across the Dynamics community. We bring together consultants, analysts, partners, customers, and more for an event that is educational, informational, and collaborative. (

Dynamics AX Day -
June 14, 2011: 9am - 2:30pm ET
Dynamics GP Day -
June 15, 2011: 9am - 2:30pm ET
Dynamics NAV Day -
June 16, 2011: 8am - 1:30pm ET
Dynamics CRM Day -
June 17, 2011: 8am - 1:30pm ET


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MS GP: Why did I get remittance printed automatically?

Remittance gets automatically printed if a check amount is equal to zero or you pay more than 12 vouchers with one check. The second part is easy to understand. What about checks with zero amounts? You can have this situation if Automatically Apply Existing Unapplied boxes checked in the Select Payables Checks window and unapplied amount is equal or higher than voucher amount. In this case during the process of building a check batch GP will automatically apply all unapplied payments, credit memos, returns and as a result some vendors may have a net amount of zero. If this happens the system will create a remittance record that will begin as "REMITxxxxxxx" and print a remittance to show the vendor what documents are applied. A remittance is not a check and it doesn't get posted to Bank Rec. The next REMIT number is automatically incremented and pulled from the PM Key Master table (PM00400).

To prevent this from happening you can unmark Automatically Apply Existing Unapplied boxes and then apply document manually or if a check batch is already built use the Edit Check window to exclude the applied documents in this check batch.

More info:
KB:861276 - How payments that have amounts of zero are treated in Payables Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP,en-us,861276&wa=wsignin1.0