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Thursday, March 26, 2009

MS GP - How to create a backup?

On a terminal server, open Microsoft Dynamics GP. Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP menu -> Maintenance -> Backup
In the Company Name list, click your company name.
Change the path/name of the backup file if it is required, and then click OK.

Backup from SQL server

SQL Server Studio -> Right click on database (backup both company and Dynamics) -> Tasks -> Backup -> Choose full -> add or change default link if required -> choose file name -> click ok

MS GP - How to find a list of modified reports?

Tools –> Setup -> System –> Alternate / Modified Forms and Reports

Tools –> Customize –> Customization Maintenance

MS GP - What is DYNSA?

DYNSA is the SQL login that owns the database used by Dynamics GP. Removing this user can cause serious problems with the application.

MS GP - How to eliminate a third product for troubleshooting?

Open the Dynamics.set file.

  1. Change the number that is on line one to 1.
  2. Save the set file, and run Dynamics GP. This way only basic GP will be available.
    Test your problem.
  3. Increase this number up and test again.
  4. Restore the original number and save the Dynamics.set file.

MS GP - What is registered in GP?

Help -> About Microsoft Dynamics GP -> Options