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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Webinar: What is CustomerSource?

Microsoft Dynamics CustomerSource is an information-packed, password-protected site for customers who use Microsoft Dynamics products.
CustomerSource empowers you with tools and information that help you increase efficiency and productivity.

• Through self-help resources, such as Knowledge Base and technical documentation, CustomerSource can help you reduce support costs.
• Around-the-clock access to training provides you opportunities to learn at your convenience.
• Newsgroups offer a unique opportunity for you to share hard-won tips, to get answers to tough questions, or to broaden your understanding of your business management software.

Join my free presentation for the CustomerSource webinar to see a live demonstration, as I walk you through the CustomerSource website!

Connected. Empowered. Productive. CustomerSource.


  1. As you mentioned above about CustomerSource and that CustomerSource empowers the user with tools and information that help them increase efficiency and productivity.Its a great support.

  2. What are the tools provided by customer source?