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Friday, June 25, 2010

MS GP – How to change a PO cost after receiving?

Note: You cannot void a receipt; you can do a return but this will close a PO.

You can edit a cost for a received PO by using two options:
1. Through a Change Order - by entering an additional line item after changing a PO status to Change Order
2. During an invoice entry – by adjusting a line item cost

Through a Change Order:

  • Go to Transactions -> Purchasing -> Edit Purchase Orders
  • Lookup a PO and change a Purchase Orders Status to Change Order
  • Click Process
  • Go to a Purchase Order entry window and lookup the PO
  • Add a new line item, exp. Freight

During an Invoice Entry

  • In the Purchasing Invoice Entry window, change a line item cost
  • Click Yes

This cost change will be recorded in the system as a Purchase Price Variance

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